A Ukrainian Border Town Becomes a Place of Refuge for Families Fleeing West   

Posted on: 2022-03-10

“It's the 10th day of this unjust brutal war, and yet it already feels like 10 years. I've lost the sense of time.” These are the words of Tetiana, Director of the NGO Nehemiah, which is a Ukraine Without Orphans member and an organization that has actively been serving orphans and vulnerable children since 1996. 

“Today we were able to host 120 children and mothers for one or two nights at the local school. It’s a stopping point before they move further on to Italy.  A Roma school received 57 people today, and we were able to provide necessary items thanks to your support. We currently have a big lack of mattresses, sleeping bags, and pillows,” shared Tetiana. 

Thousands of Ukrainians are arriving in Tetiana’s town every day and the number increases as violence in other parts of the country intensifies. Of the thousands passing through, about 150 people walk through the doors of the Nehemiah center where they are met with warm rooms, beds, food, and assistance in figuring out their next steps. Some of them remain safe at the Nehemiah center and the rest will go abroad to Germany, Slovakia, Poland, and other countries. 

World Without Orphans team member, Andrii, is working on the ground with the Nehemiah team and city authorities to coordinate the evacuation process for women and children and see them safely cross the border. 

There are countless foster families and small group homes that need special help. We are very grateful to those who respond to our needs and help people who are in real danger, who have seen the horrors of war. Thank you to everyone who is with us in these difficult times. Ukraine needs your help and your prayers! Together we will win over this absolute evil!” - Tetiana, Director of Nehemiah