24-27 October 2019

Chiang Mai, Thailand


about the forum

The 2nd Global Forum for a World Without Orphans (WWO) took place on October 24-27, 2019, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, almost 4 years after our 1st global gathering and almost ten years since the WWO global collaboration began. It was evident as we gathered that God has done immeasurably more than we could have asked or imagined to change the world for many thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children and families, and we believe this is only the beginning!

As a global collaboration, World Without Orphans has a clear vision: to see children thriving, families strong, churches engaged. Together, we aim to achieve that vision by helping children remain in, be reunited with, or regain a healthy family, so that they can reach their God-given purpose. At this 2nd Global Forum, we focused on the spiritual, relational, and practical aspects for HOW we can together best accomplish this aim.

Achieving our dreams for children to be in permanent, loving families will require new collaborations between leaders in faith, government, and business. We are on an exciting and meaningful journey together, towards hope for children and families, with the help of God’s Word, His Spirit, and wisdom.

Immediate outcomes

  • Increased Collaboration among global, regional, and national faith leaders in unity towards a common agenda: 
    • Supporting each other and those we serve, spiritually, relationally, practically; 
    • Uniting to care for orphaned and vulnerable children and families by using best practices 
    • Engaging to prevent orphan-hood and vulnerability, by strengthening families 
  • Trained national leaders, totaling 500 from 70 countries, with tools from the WWO Roadmap to equip local church leaders for family-based care and orphanhood prevention 
  • Regional ambassadors launched to help support and sustain national ‘Without Orphans’ collaborations and trainings 

Long-term outcomes


A New Global Paradigm

Family-strengthening and prevention of root causes of vulnerability as 2 priorities of the Global Church


Children in Loving Families

Children living in safe, stable, and nurturing families through family-strengthening, reunification, foster care or adoption


More People Mobilized

Hundreds and thousands of pastors and Christian leaders equipped in each nation to build the capacity of others to use the WWO Roadmap, a core set of web-based free-access tools that will help strengthen families.

who attended

  • National and local leaders, including pastors, youth, and children’s ministry leaders, as well as other church and denominational leaders 
  • FBO, NGO, and ministry leaders, professionals, experts 
  • National millennial leaders whose hearts are moved to change their nation for children and youth 
  • Global/regional trainers and experts working in family-strengthening, orphan care, adoption or foster care, and prevention of vulnerability for families and children 
  • Business leaders wishing to invest meaningfully for impact, to replace vulnerability with hope for children and families in nations, regions, and the world 
  • Government officials 
  • Media leaders 
  • Orphan care practitioners, including adoptive and foster parents 

* all attendees received an official invitation/approval to attend 


23- 24 Oct 2019 Pre-Forum

Prior to the starting of the forum, WWO has offered three certification courses for those wanting to transfer a training program within their own network.

24-27 OCTOBER 2019


Empress Hotel

Chiang Mai, Thailand