We believe in a world where every child has a safe and loving family. Join us.

The pandemic has made the orphan crisis worse - 5.2 million children have lost a parent or caregiver to covid! But together, we can solve it. Join our community of monthly givers to equip leaders to collaborate in solving their own country’s orphaned and vulnerable children crisis.

Giving monthly is the most effective way to strengthen families and help children thrive year-round!

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Giving monthly is the most effective way to strengthen families and help children thrive year-round!

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reach orphaned and vulnerable children with help for their families

Because no one is more vulnerable than a child without a safe and loving family.

Globally, we are now seeing a hidden pandemic of 5.2 million children who have lost a parent or caregiver to covid. 15% more children are losing parents now than before covid - one child every 6 seconds. Beyond these, one of every two children – one billion – experience serious violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation each and every year. And the pandemic has increased these numbers by approximately 20%. We must respond by equipping Christians globally to address this huge need!

When you support World Without Orphans, you help provide orphaned and vulnerable children and families with family-based care that brings permanent positive change in their lives.

Your gift to World Without Orphans helps fund…

  • Training on parenting for national leaders in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America to equip local communities to reach more than 63,000 families and their children in 2022. We partner with in-country leaders to build their skills in using the best parenting practices with families in crisis.
  • Training on trauma competent care for national leaders with dissemination through their networks of thousands of local churches. Over the last decade, people like you have helped thousands of Christian leaders provide qualified care and support in parenting, fostering, and adoption across the globe to help children.
  • Training on savings group programs to stabilize household income, provide a safety net in emergencies, start or expand small businesses, or pay for household expenses such as school fees. Your support is solving the orphan crisis at its root by supporting groups that provide training on income strengthening.
  • Training and coaching to equip national leaders to collaborate in solving their own orphaned and vulnerable child crisis. When Ukrainian leaders recognized that there were 30,000 adoptable children, and 30,000 churches in the country, their new vision for a Ukraine Without Orphans resulted in Christians engaging in a movement of adoption across the country. There are now less than 5,000 adoptable children living in orphanages a decade later, and caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in families is a normal part of the Church’s engagement in Ukrainian society. Your support is catalyzing similar collaborations in more than 40 countries!

Will you join where God is working by giving a gift today?

I want to see the world without orphans! USE my gift to help care for orphaned and vulnerable children and families in crisis!

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