World Without Orphans Roadmap: Foundations for Active Engagement

Posted on 2019-11-14
You can share in the holy task of ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and reaches their God-given potential. How can you best equip yourself to join the movement? Finding the right path for you begins with matching your role with your vision. Take a short quiz at and the result will be a set of recommended resources you can use to get started down your personalized path of the roadmap, along with full access to the WWO Roadmap booklet in PDF form.
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Finding Family in Paraguay

Posted on 2021-11-03
Little *Sofia was born in Paraguay almost a year ago and in her short life has already known three mothers. It's a complex story for an infant's first year of life, and yet thanks to the advocacy of WWO partner Paraguay Protects Families, Sofia has been protected each step of the way!
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The Body of Christ in Zambia

Posted on 2021-06-23
Reverend Mark has been ministering to youth in the community of Msisi in Zambia over the course of the pandemic. Msisi is characterized by high levels of robbery, alcohol and drug abuse, physical and sexual abuse of women and children, prostitution, poverty, unemployment, and poor sanitation.
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Frontline Ministries serve during COVID Crisis in India

Posted on 2021-05-13
21 years ago, the ministry Vanitashray in Maharashtra, India began as a small children’s home for young girls, and since then transitioned to a day center which helps children remain with their families, and provides single mothers with skill training that enables them to provide for their children.
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Uganda Without Orphans

Posted on 2021-04-13
As the COVID pandemic continues, it has become overwhelmingly clear that the mental health of both adults and children has been deeply affected because of income loss, school closures, government lockdowns and isolation.
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