Resources for churches

Parenting Tip Sheets

Parenting for Lifelong Health, the parenting program recommended in the WWO Roadmap, has produced easy-to-distribute parenting tips in over 100 languages. WWO endorses these tips as effective in helping strengthen families and prevent violence against children.

Multi-Language Leader Guide

We recognize that COVID-19 has amplified the needs of families in crisis and stress is rising. This NEW multi-language leader guide includes sermon suggestions, conversation starters, template text messages, radio announcements and social media content that can be used to reach families in need. 

"This Church Leaders Guide is a very timely resource that responds to a critical need today: how churches can support parents with children at home amid the ongoing uncertainty and hardship caused by the global pandemic. Biblical, practical and focused specifically on pastors and church leaders, this guide will be greatly beneficial for local churches as they serve and equip the families among them.”

-Bishop Efraim M. Tendero
Secretary General / CEO, World Evangelical Alliance

Stress Busters During Crisis

Ruby Johnston, part of WWO’s Global Leadership team, has been putting her quarantine time to creative use by creating short video teachings to help leaders, parents, and caregivers manage stressors during COVID-19. She has already created 8 short videos, and more are in the works!


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Other resources

  • Tips For Caseworkers -  special parenting tip sheets to be used by social workers for behavioral parent training, to help parents build positive parent-child relationships through play, reinforce positive and managing difficult behaviours, create structure and routines, talk about COVID-19, keep children safe online, and reduce stress and conflict.
  • Public Service Announcements - messages in the public interest that are designed to be disseminated without charge, and with the objective of raising awareness of, and improving parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • Digital Parenting - tools that have been conceived and designed to reach parents through digital formats such as online and/or mobile applications, texting and chat services.
  • Audiovisual Resources - designed for specific audio and visual presentations to reach all parents and caregivers groups, regardless of the quality of their internet access
  • Social Media - evidence-based parenting tips on your Social Media profiles to raise awareness on positive tips and activities that parents and caregivers can do to help reduce violence against children and promote child wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond.

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COVID-19 Significantly Increases the Vulnerability of Children

UNESCO reports that hundreds of milliions of children are unable to attend school due to coronavirus. Never before have we witnessed an impact of this magnitude on children globally. Data from previous health emergencies, as well as from Wuhan (the epicenter of COVID-19), suggest children are 3 times more likely to be exposed to violence during prolonged periods of children being in either unsafe or unsupervised environments.

Our Regional Ambassadors in Brazil, Paraguay, Romania and other parts of the world are reporting heightened risks for the children and families in their communities and are engaged in efforts to prevent harm to children. We can all consider the children we know who are impacted by COVID and whether they are being supervised by a responsible adult. Let’s keep in mind the ways we may be able to help keep children safe in these days.

As we see these unprecedented times, let us join together in praying and working together for the orphaned and at risk children in our cities and in the nations around the world.

Praying with you,
Karmen Friesen
WWO Principal Global Coordinator