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Ruby Johnston on COVID-19

Helping Childen Build Positive Memories Through This Stressful Time

A Village Without Orphans

Dr. Wess Stafford from Compassion and Pastor George Abaidoo from Ghana Without Orphans on coming back to a culture where every child has a family.

How Did We Get Here?

A World Without Orphans original animation

Anu's Story

From an orphan in India, to orphanage director to closing her orphanage in pursuit of a better way. Watch Anu's story.

Family Reunification and Adoption in Brazil

In this short piece, WWO highlights the work of Pontes De Amor, a ministry in Brazil working in the best interest of children to see kids in families.

Alliance for a Romania Without Orphans

Alex Ilie, president of Romania Without Orphans shares his own journey towards adoption and about the movement taking place in Romania on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children.

Journeying Together to a World Without Orphans

Hear the voices of national leaders championing 'without orphans' movements in their nations and be inspired!

Living in an orphanage and longing for family- A Ukrainian adoption story

Tolik grew up in an orphanage, but longed for family. Hear the story of how God answered his prayer.

How can you produce media with a limited budget?

In this short educational piece, learn how you can take your limited resources and create media that will move the multitudes for a World Without Orphans!

Arjun's Story

Arjun was born in Nepal but was separated from his birth mother, and suddenly found himself on the streets of India. Watch his powerful story produced by World Without Orphans and Lost Kites which shows Arjun's search for the mother he loved.

Burundi Without Orphans

See more of the collaboration happen in the nation of Burundi, to see their country without orphans.

How Children Grow

The heart of the father for His children.

Highlights from the 2019 WWO Global Forum

See what attendees are saying about their experience at the World Without Orphans Global Forum

What Happened at the WWO Global Forum?

Learn more from film producer Samuel Rich about those who gathered at the Global Forum and about the signing of an important declaration!

A World Without Orphans Documentary

Produced by Dianne Becker and Brittany DeVries
A World Without Orphans documentary was produced by Dianne Becker and Brittany DeVries for Missions Dilemma, an initiative of Steve Saint's ministry, iTec.  

World Without Orphans - Global Report

We hope you will find this video to be both an encouragement and a helpful tool for sharing your vision for a world without orphans with others!

The YES Effect - Ukraine

From the missions strategist behind ‘The 10/40 Window’
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