Southeast Asia

Countries with National Initiatives

Philippines Without Orphans

Poor families frequently suffer from hunger or malnutrition from which follow numerous health problems, particularly among children who are physically more vulnerable than adults. About 1.8 million children in the Philippines are under the status of abandoned or neglected.

Thailand Without Orphans

There are currently 20,000 children living on the streets in Thailand's main cities. Many children in Thailand are victims of physical or sexual violence or abuse. Most instances of sexual violence are against young girls, which seriously impacts their lives.

Regional Stories

WWO 2024: Ambassadors, a roadmap and a call to strengthen the work with orphans

This is the last of three articles summarising the World Without Orphans 2024 Global Gathering in Thailand.
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Philippines Without Orphans Review

We have recently been hearing more stories of impact from the first Global Forum for a World Without Orphans held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2016 that are encouraging us as the second WWO Global Forum approaches.  In one case, ideas, relationships and lessons learned from the 2016 Forum and Facilitation Community gatherings have been an important part of the growth of the Philippines Without Orphans movement. 
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Let the Foster and Adopted Children Come to Me

Krish Kandiah, Home for Good: "Families of vulnerable children often feel unwelcome in their own churches. Here are five ways to change that."
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Stories from the Philippines

Dear WWO Family, We thank the Lord for how He is caring for children and families in the Philippines! It has been a few years since we started, and although we try our best to do what we need to do, the reality is that He is producing results beyond our current realities. It sometimes feels like our job is to simply bear witness and tell others of the things He has done. As Proverbs 16:9 tells us: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
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New handbook, indicators and request for proposals issued for ending violence against children

Geneva / 12 July 2018: Today WHO and partners release the INSPIRE handbook: action for implementing the seven strategies for ending violence against children, a guide to putting in place a select group of measures to prevent violence against children. Also today, UNICEF and partners launch the INSPIRE indicator guidance and results framework, a companion document designed to help monitor progress and track changes over time as the INSPIRE strategies are implemented.
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