Philippines Without Orphans

Country Profile: Philippines

Total Population: 109 million
Total Children under the age of 18: 46 million

The Situation of Children in the Philippines

The Challenges:

  • There are about 1.8 million orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines
  • More than 10% of Filipino children are compelled to work so as to support the needs of their families.
  •  An estimated 2.85 million children aged 5-15 are out of school.
  • 14% of young women in the Philippines get married before the age of 18.
  • Corporal punishment is frequently practiced in the Philippines, notably within the family.
  •  Almost 11.8 percent of children aged 13-17 years in the Philippines are affected by collective violence.
  •  Children are equally the victims of sexual abuse in certain families.
  •  17% of births are not officially registered in the Philippines. This leads to great difficulties for such individuals because owing to their official nonexistence in the eyes of society, they will be unable to enjoy their rights.
  •  33% of children under 5 years are stunted.

Philippines Without Orphans works on initiatives that preserve families and help them thrive, resulting in the prevention of orphanhood. Philippines Without Orphans also collaborates to develop and execute localized family-based solutions, such as adoption and fostering, in an effort to give all children in Philippines the opportunity to thrive. Philippines Without Orphans believes that placing children in loving families resolves a host of other issues.

Philippines Without Orphans does this by: 

  • Creating awareness through broad-scale collaboration. 
  • Equipping influencers and decision-makers with learning resources and localized solutions.
  • Enabling locals to take action through different guided solutions and networking initiatives.

Other Information about Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and Family Care in Philippines

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"Source: UNICEF, Humanium, SOS Children's Villages International".




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Dear WWO Family, We thank the Lord for how He is caring for children and families in the Philippines! It has been a few years since we started, and although we try our best to do what we need to do, the reality is that He is producing results beyond our current realities. It sometimes feels like our job is to simply bear witness and tell others of the things He has done. As Proverbs 16:9 tells us: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
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