Zimbabwe Without Orphans

Country Profile: Zimbabwe

Total Population: 15 million
Total Children under the age of 18: 7 million

The situation of children in Zimbabwe

Alternative Care in Zimbabwe consists of kinship, community, foster, and institutional care. Most children living in alternative care are in extended family or kinship situations. A small percentage (less than 6,000 children) are in institutions and formally registered foster care homes.

The Challenges:

  • More than 26.6% of children below the age of 18 are not living with either parent. The majority have been abandoned by their parents or orphaned.
  • New deaths of caregivers due to Covid-19.
  • Loss of employment and income has escalated economic hardships and domestic violence cases in most vulnerable homes.

Zimbabwe Without Orphans works on:

  • CHILD. Every child has inherent value and an unconditional right to holistic development.
  • FAMILY. A healthy family is the best environment for a child to develop and thrive.
  • CHURCH. The Body of Christ is commissioned to care for the orphan and lead the local and global effort to end orphanhood.
  • MOVEMENT. Broad-scale collaboration is required to transfer these core values across societies and see transformation occur.
  • STRATEGY. Activate, Connect & Equip

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