Nepal Without Orphans

Country Profile: Nepal

Total Population: 30.4 million
Total Children under the age of 18: 11.5 million

The situation of children in Nepal

There are 11.5 million children. Out of them, 1,000,000 are orphans. The causes of abandonment of these children are parents' death, sickness, poverty, re-marriage of their parents and difficult living conditions, poverty and famine, conflict and displacement, high adult mortality related to HIV/AIDS, and maternal causes.

The Challenges:

  • It is estimated that around 34 percent of children between the ages of five and 14 are forced to work. These children can be found working as domestic workers, in commercial sexual exploitation, or stone quarrying.
  • About 84% of Nepalese children attend schools, out of which many students drop out of school due to poverty, early marriage, child labor, and lack of schools nearby. The quality of education is also low due to a lack of infrastructure and skilled human resources.
  • There are several health problems that Nepalese children are facing, including malnutrition and vitamin deficiency diseases. High infant mortality and child mortality rates are also among the serious health issues. Many children die each year due to the prevalent infectious diseases and improper health facilities.
  • About 25% of the girls and 17% of the boys are forced into child labor to support their families. Many of them work as farm laborers, hotel helpers, housekeepers, weavers, junk collectors, construction helpers, and so on, which adversely impact their health, education, and overall development.
  • Many Nepalese girls are trafficked every year and forced to work as laborers and sex slaves in the brothels in Nepal, India, and other countries.
  • Over half of children under the age of 18 are married.

Nepal Without Orphans works on:

  • Awareness Training. Nepal Without Orphans organizes awareness training and vision casting in Nepal. So far, we have organized 14 zonal levels, five regional levels, one national-level vision casting seminars, and several follow-up visits accompanied by prayer movements.
  • Family-based care/ Strengthening families. Nepal Without Orphans has been supporting orphans with the motto of "One Church - One Family - One Orphan." We raise funds in the local churches and support the respective families to take care of the orphans in their guardianship.
  • Visits to the Children in the communities and orphanages. Nepal Without Orphans  visits the children in the communities and orphanages and provides remote educational support such as stationery items, school bags, warm clothes, etc.
  • Awareness Program regarding Parenting Tips. Nepal Without Orphans has conducted awareness programs in 7 places about parenting tips during the COVID19 pandemic, including family care, sanitation, financial management, anger management, communication, good role model, vaccination, and community feeling creative works, and so on.

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"Source: UNICEF, Humanium, SOS Children's Villages International".

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Nepal Without Orphans Seminar

Leadership from across the seven states attended the May, 2016 Nepal Without Orphans seminar held in Butwal, Nepal. Pastor Tek Prasad Rijal coordinated the event for the purpose of mobilizing the group of leaders to carry the family based care message out across the country to the churches and others serving orphans.
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