Ukraine Without Orphans

Total Population: 43 million
Total Children under the age of 18: 9 million

The situation of children in Ukraine

Children outside of Parental Care:

106,000 children live in boarding schools of various types, of which 6,324 children have the status of orphan and can be adopted; another 64,996 orphans are under guardianship or are being raised in family settings.

Alternative care in Ukraine

Boarding system, foster families, adoption, a brief description of the data:

  • The number of foster families is 3,512; there are 6,571 children in foster care
  • The number of family-type children's homes is 1,103; there are 7,379 children in them
  • The number of patronage families is 81; there are 256 children in them
  • There are 51,224 orphaned children under guardianship.

Deinstitutionalization Reform

The reform of the system of institutional care and upbringing of children started in Ukraine in 2016 (the reform of deinstitutionalization - DI). The deinstitutionalization reform focused on supporting the family to prevent hardships or conditions that would force parents to send their children to boarding school. The essence of the DI reform is creating such conditions and services for families and children in the communities that are necessary and sufficient for the child to be raised in a family. The main goal of the DI reform in Ukraine is to change the system of institutional care and upbringing of children to a system that provides care and upbringing of the child in a family or family-type environment.

Ukraine Without Orphans

VISION: We see Ukraine as a country without orphans due to the fact that a conscious, responsible, mobilized Christian community changes the life of every orphan child, ensuring the formation and development of children in families in conditions of safety and well-being.
MISSION: We unite the efforts of caring people, organizations, and churches that work with a common goal - to reach all orphans with real care, give every child an opportunity to grow up in a loving family, and prevent orphanhood in Ukraine.

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Other Information about Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and Family Care in Ukraine

Better Care Network Information on Family-Based Care in Ukraine

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National Stories

Foster Family Safe After Escaping Tragedy

A couple led to adopt four young children from a Ukrainian orphanage purchased a larger home in the suburbs of Kyiv, a house that would fit their entire family of 11. Two weeks later, their dreams would shatter when they realized that Russian troops were nearing their home.
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Finding Family in Ukraine

Neglect, family separation, institutional living, failed reunification, foster care. Victor, Lev and Christina have walked a difficult road over the course of their young lives. The Ukrainian siblings were placed in an orphanage in 2019 as a result of their mother failing to provide safety and care.
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Supporting families in Ukraine during COVID-19

When quarantine restrictions went into effect in Ukraine, orphanages and boarding schools made the decision to send many of their children home to families and relatives. Because many children returned to families dealing with chemical addictions and not adequate living conditions, the safety of children became an immediate concern. 
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"One Church - One Child" Project in Ukraine

The objective of the One Church - One Child project in Ukraine is to support and encourage individual churches in the country to take responsibility for the betterment of one orphan in their community.
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Strengthening Foster and Adoptive Families in Ukraine

By Karen Springs
For the last decade foster care and adoption has been on the rise in Ukraine, as the need for caring for orphans and vulnerable children has been recognized by the Evangelical community. Evidence of this growth was seen at the recent 2018 Strengthening Families Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, which hosted over 200 foster and adoptive parents for a weekend of teaching, refreshment and encouragement. 
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