Malawi Without Orphans

Our Vision:  “To See Every Child Grow In A Healthy, Godly And Caring Family”. Our Mission: “To Engage Churches, Governments, And NGO’s To Promote Better Life for Children at Risk.


Malawi is one of the developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa; its population is projected to 15 million people. The countries economy relies on agriculture as the major source of income. Geographically Malawi is bordered by three countries: Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique. Malawi is divided into three regions: Northern, Central, and Southern. The country has three cities and the main capital city is Lilongwe which is located in the Central region.


Malawi is a country where HIV/AIDS runs rampant, and is one of the worst nations affected by HIV/AIDS. The estimates prevalence rate for adults (15 years and older) is 14.1 compared to 6.1 for Sub-Saharan Africa overall. That means that the number of persons with HIV in Malawi is approximately one million. This challenge has increased the number of orphan children in Malawi below the age of 18 years due to high death rates of parents leaving their children behind. In addition to that, one of the biggest challenges facing the Christian church today is the ever increasing number of children growing up without the loving care of their parents and without knowing their Heavenly Father. The problem has contributed negatively towards spiritual growth, care, and poor educational support of children who are orphans.


Malawi is now part of TAWO “Together Africa without Orphans “and World Without Orphans movement; the organization was born from the understanding of God’s heart for orphans and His clear mandate from scripture for the Church to care for them. Our vision is a promise to all orphans that they will be given the opportunity to grow in loving and caring families and will know their Heavenly Father. We believe the Body of Christ can help make this vision a reality. Approximately 80% of Malawi’s 14 million people are Christians.  With good collaboration among Christian churches, families and individuals, we could address the orphan challenge and make a great impact to this escalating crisis. We need every child to be in a family not in an institution and churches can be models for this development in Malawi.


During the Malawi Without Orphans Launch we have invited Government Officials, Church Leaders, Pastors, A Member of Parliament, Leaders of NGO’s, Members of Business Community, Traditional Leaders, the Media.


Malawi Without Orphans has managed to design some of the positive programmes which may contribute to the positive change and welfare of orphan children in the communities, targeting children below the age of 10 both girls and boys. The goal of the planned programmes is therefore to contribute towards fostering care and protection of orphan children at risk through increasing awareness and capacity building of local church leaders, pastors, traditional leaders, NGOs, and government stakeholders.