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Topics duscussed vary from poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring.

The Think Orphan podcast is hosted by Kelly Stewart, Social Worker and adoptive mom, and Philip Darke, President of Providence World and co-author of In Pursuit of Orphan ExcellenceEach week, they discuss the difficult issues and hot topics involved in the global orphan crisis with leading voices from around the world, such as Jedd Medefind, Rebecca Nhep, Ruslan Maliuta, and Peter Greer. From poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring, Phil and Kelly will work with you to navigate the issues that affect millions of children and families all over the world.

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Past Episodes Available on the Think Orphan website:

Episode 38: Victor Marx – Dealing with Trauma in Prisons, Schools, Refugee Camps, ISIS Victims, and Your Own Backyard (Part 1)

Episode 37: Matt Storer – Outcome-Based Care, Collaboration, and Training

Episode 36: Christa Sharpe – IJM’s Fight Against Cybersex Trafficking and Other Injustices

Episode 35: Jason Weber – Foster Care Fundamentals

Episode 34: Tara VanderWoude – Ambiguous Loss and Transracial Adoption

Episode 33: Diana Prykhodko – Scars of an Orphan

Episode 32: Phil Tuttle – What’s the Bible Got to Do With It?

Episode 31: [ Recast ] – Ruslan Maliuta – Is a World Without Orphans Possible?

Episode 30: Ian Forber-Pratt – Revolutionizing Orphan Care in India

Episode 29: Gabe Lyons -Effectively Engaging Others in a Divisive World

Episode 28: Troy Livesay – Maternal Care, Male Discipleship, and Ministry in Haiti

Episode 27: Dwight “Transparent” Taylor Sr. – Fatherlessness and the 3 Most Important “Hoods”

Episode 26: Dr. Russell Moore – Adoption and Gospel-Driven Compassion  

Episode 25: Dr. Mandy Howard – Trauma, TBRI, and the Importance of Touch

Episode 24: Rebecca Nhep & Todd Guckenberger on Orphanages, Short-Term Missions, and Deinstitutionalization

Episode 23: Billiance Chondwe – The Power of Small Beginnings

Episode 22: Jaime Ivey – Adoption, Prison, and Empowering Women

Episode 21: Josh Shipp – Changing The Stories of Foster and Troubled Youth

Episode 20: Andy Crouch – Strong & Weak | The Anatomy of Flourishing

Episode 19: Dr. Karen Hutcheson – Addressing the Effects of Trauma

Episode 18: Andy Lehman – Developing Children and Communities

Episode 17: Sarah Chhin – Why Family Matters

Episode 16: Samual Rich, Brittany Devries, and David Bolt – Storytelling Through Film

Episode 15: Daniel Kaggwa – Part 2, The Impact of Belonging

Episode 14: Daniel Kaggwa – Part 1, The Impact of Belonging

Episode 13: Ashlie Bryant – Fighting Trafficking with 3 Strands Global

Episode 12: Dr. John Sowers – Combating Fatherlessness

Episode 11: Rick Morton – Orphanology 101

Episode 10: Mick Pease – Finding Families for Abandoned Children

Episode 9: Craig Greenfield – Subversive, Radical Orphan Care

Episode 8: Ruslan Maliuta – Is a World Without Orphans Possible?

Special Edition: Johnston Moore – ICWA and the Lexi Case

Episode 7: Johnston Moore – Can Foster Care Work?

Episode 6: Rebecca Nhep – Defining Deinstitutionalization

Episode 5: Chris Marlow – The Simplicity of Orphan Care

Episode 4: Todd Guckenberger – Orphanages, Mission Trips, and Child Development

Episode 3: Peter Greer – Preventing Orphans by Alleviating Poverty

Episode 2: Jedd Medefind – The Beauty and Brokenness of Orphan Care

Episode 1: Kelly Stewart and Philip Darke – The Why, What, and How of Think Orphan

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