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The Gift of a Safe Place to Sleep

April 03, 2022

Over the past five weeks, cities in western Ukraine have sheltered millions of refugees who have been forced to flee their homes since the invasion began.

According to the latest reports, there are about 300,000 refugees currently living in the western region of Zakarpattia. Every possible space has been turned into a location to house people, as those escaping war continue to flood into the region. Right now, meeting basic needs remains a top priority, and one of those basic needs is beds.

Since the war began, we have been partnering with a local ministry, Nehemiah, to provide housing for refugee families. Nehemiah has adequate space to accommodate mothers and their children, but they lack one important thing - beds! The value of a safe and comfortable place to sleep is magnified right now and by providing a new bed, you can help a woman or child get the rest they need.

In addition to filling Nehemiah’s center with beds, you can also help to provide beds for a location that is housing children who are deaf.

A single bed with a mattress costs $153 and a set of bunk beds is $267. Will you help meet this urgent need?

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the people of Ukraine.

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