Help Danylo and other families in crisis

Posted on: 2023-12-22
Help Danylo and other families in crisis

Life changed dramatically for Olga and her family when Ukraine was attacked. She, her husband, Danylo, and their two sons soon found themselves living under constant shelling. On one particularly devastating day, their house was hit by projectiles from a missile strike, and all but one wall burned to the ground. Their small farm, including their animals and livelihood, was destroyed. This began a descent into hopelessness for Olga, who was pregnant with her third child.

Olga left the village to give birth to her daughter and returned, infant in tow, to try to rebuild life with her husband and children among the ruins of their home. Worries about her family’s future, a house that could not be restored, debts for electricity, and no way to earn income overwhelmed Olga.

I wish I could tell you she had access to WWO Hope Groups, a peer support program offering practical tools to heal from trauma, parenting tips, and biblical hope. Perhaps the outcome might have been different. Tragically, however, the weight of all Olga was carrying became so unbearable that she took her own life.

Danylo cares well for their three children (ages 13, 12, and 1) under desperate circumstances. He is in a race against time to get the supplies they need and rebuild their home so he and his children will have a roof over their heads.

Today, you can help meet the pressing needs of Danylo and his children and share the hope of the gospel with them through our local ministry partners.

Your selfless giving will also provide other families experiencing war or crises with support through Hope Groups and equip churches globally with programs to help children find hope and their Heavenly Father.

$5,000 can buy the supplies Danylo
needs to rebuild their home

$39 can provide a HOPE Group for a month to one Ukrainian parent
living in constant danger and trauma

$250 can equip a church to provide hope 
through parenting support for 25 families

Please act today to support families and keep children from losing their mothers and fathers.

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* Names have been changed for family’s protection