Paraguay Protects Families - In The Courts

We are in awe at how God has MOVED and acted on behalf of vulnerable children.

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WITH A HEART FULL OF GRATITUDE we praise God for the victorious moment we experienced in Paraguay, mentioned to you in a previous post: On November 1st together with the Gov. Ministry of Children we hosted an international seminar for more than 200 judges, public defenders and prosecutors for children's courts from all over the country, in "Best Practices in Judicial Proceedings for Protection and Care for Children", with the training of specialists from UK. The outcome was far beyond what we had even hoped and prayed for.

Not only did Court Authorities come from all over the country, to learn best practice - they came with expectations, excited to work together in order to improve the situation of children, which only multiplied over the course of the Seminar, posting since then on social media what they learned and are challenged to implement!

This event has been repeatedly referred to as an HISTORIC moment in time in Paraguay, where for the first time all these Court Authorities gathered together to learn, consider and agree TOGETHER how to improve the situation and wellbeing of children suffering abuse or neglect, and ensure they can be/feel safe in families. Highest State Authorities were present to affirm and highlight this effort, and we were humbled to hear them referring to collaboration with our Christ-focused ministry "Paraguay Protects Families movement" as being critical in these major steps towards change as a nation, as well as expressing profound gratitude for the support of international specialists from SFAC in this learning and application process.

As mentioned in a previous post, this was the crowning event after an incredible week, with the visit of international specialists from the UK, of other significant seminars for government employees and children's homes/NGO professionals, as well as meeting with Highest Authorities and media - in order to give a voice to the "voiceless", the fatherless, and shine a message of HOPE, of God's Heart, for the least of these, who should be at the center.

Now the road is open wide to follow-up, working with our highest authorities and judges/public defenders/prosecutors nationwide, helping them apply learned best practice and formalizing institutional commitment and collaboration between Government and private sector (faith based orgs, churches, children's homes, professional groups, university, business people, etc., PPF as a leading collective initiative).

Paraguay Protects Families - In The Courts

This is a graphic display of the content of the seminar for judges etc., drawn live during the event, which judges themselves are requesting to use as stickers and decorative wall hangings for their Court Offices!

The reason we as PPF movement aimed to reach our Government is so that families really CAN step up in practice, legally in child protection cases, as foster parents, adopters, supporters and more with the necessary support and assessments. It is a complex balancing process of growth, and we trust God for every step. We are excited to deepen the understanding of churches all over Paraguay in this calling, as we share the Sunday for the Vulnerable Child (Orphan Sunday).

Please pray for these major seeds sprouting, for our incredible PPF core team and organizations/churches part of the facilitation group of this growing movement, for the awakening of our Churches, for our Authorities (Romans 13:1), for us to continue to be light in the darkness, and for our next steps/decisions to make as individuals and as the Body of Christ for children and youth in Paraguay.