“A Story a Day” keeps kids learning in India

“A Story a Day” Initiative in India Helps Children to Continue Learning while school is not in session.

WWO partner, Vanitashray, located in Pune, India launched a campaign- A Story a Day which supports learning for children from low-income backgrounds from across the country. By using simple English stories on video, the campaign is helping kids continue their education who are still out of school due to the pandemic.

Vanitashray’s teams are teaching children English in a fun and interactive manner through the joy of storytelling, and they are seeing results! “We have received overwhelming participation so far and are looking forward to taking this campaign to every household. We hope that more Teachers come forward thereby encouraging people to volunteer for this cause. Helping students continue learning during the lockdown is a small gesture of us giving back to the larger community. We are also working on partnering with other States so that we can help as many children as we can.”

Vanitashray Community Care is engaging with children through its existing government partnerships, parent-teacher WhatsApp Groups, YouTube Channels, and Facebook page. Vanitashray’s vision is to have a platform through media and they are currently exploring partnerships with State television and radio channels to promote this campaign nationally!