Bangladesh Without Orphans Mobilizes Families

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the team with Bangladesh Without Orphans knew they needed to do something to help struggling families. After learning that the COVID-19 parenting tips were available in Bengali on WWO’s website, they quickly thought of creative ways to widely spread the critical information. Through online trainings and What’s App groups, Bangladesh Without Orphans has reached over 1,000 individuals with the parenting tips!

Lazarus Mitro, who is the program coordinator for Bangladesh Without Orphans, shared the following quotes from pastors and social workers who were positively impacted by the COVID-19 parenting resources.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic started in Bangladesh we were in lockdown. Most of the girls in our family homes were unable to attend school. Some of our girls were nervous and afraid of what was happening in the world because of COVID-19. As parents, we also went through different experiences with our girls. In June one of the leaders from BWO visited us and our family homes. During his visit, he shared some ideas and thoughts to us about parenting methods and how we could stay safe during COVID-19. There were good topics like keeping things positive, controlling behavior, and keeping calm. He also provided us with printable pictures which were so much helpful for us as parents and also for our girls in our family homes.” 

-Nathan Bairagee, House Parents- ‘Little Angels - Family Homes’

“I am a social worker and love to visit Sunday schools and local schools and do programs with the children. Because of COVID-19 I was unable to meet with the children and do the programs I would normally do. In June we got some helpful information on Parenting methods from brother Lazarus from the Bangladesh Without Orphans’ What's App group. First, I read and practiced with my neighbor children and their families. Then I shared the information with our local churches and all the projects caring for children. It was really helpful to encourage our children and parents in our area about how to be parenting better.”

-Ananda Kirtaniya, Social Worker

“I am a pastor of a Baptist church in rural villages in Bangladesh. When the lockdown started in Bangladesh we noticed that many of our children were bored and their parents were dealing with the tension of how to keep kids safe and maintain normal life. As a church, we were trying to keep our regular communication with our Sunday school children. Along with another teacher I joined an online training that the leaders of BWO were hosting. In that training we learned about how to stay safe during the lockdown and COVID-19 Pandemic and how we can encourage children and their parents. Thanks for providing those ideas!”  

 -Dipty Halder, Pastor