Addressing the root of the orphan crisis: the three-fold crisis of the soul

“We are facing three major crises today,” he said. But the crises he was referring to were not the outward contributors to orphanhood and vulnerability among children, such as war, drug abuse, climate change or pandemics – all very relevant and important to understand in the context of a global event that seeks to address them.

Yet, the crises that Alexandru Ilie talked about in his address to the more than 500 participants at World Without Orphan’s global forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand, were the ones deep in the human heart. The crises that are at the root of the human failure to care for the orphan and vulnerable in their midst.

An adoptive father of seven, Ilie shared the story how he and his wife experienced a lot of difficulty and struggles after each adoption. The children who had experienced abuse in their past needed to heal from the trauma and the path to healing was not easy. Yet each time after the situation got better, they went on to adopt more children.

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