Community transformation in Albania

For 5 years Mathilda has managed Alo ! Mik’s community center in a Roma community - a poor and challenging area of the capital city, Tirana.  

Having seen the impact of the relationships they have built over years with the children and teenagers, they have introduced a mentoring program for the teenagers. One of the problems in this community is early marriages for girls. The team wants to strengthen their 'daughters' - as the team sees those girls - to have a voice regarding their own future, to be able to continue their education, and not to marry too early.

Mathilda says: “Now we have four girls who are attending high school, which are first in their community, it never happened before, and it is a great success. It is wonderful to be part of this and to see more girls now coming up and wanting to continue their education and go forward in life. We have been working for many years with these children, from the early years on, and can see them in high school now.”

By investing long-term, with all their energy, coming alongside the families in this community,  Mathilda and her team now see real changes happening in young people’s and families’ lives.