Zhenia Taradaika

Founder and Director of “There is Hope Foundation,” Krakow, Poland

At the beginning of the war, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Zhenia and her family fled to Krakow, Poland. Since that time, she has worked as a group facilitator for the Hope Groups project with World Without Orphans. Hope Groups gather Ukrainian women into small support groups to help them overcome the grief cause by the tragedy and forced displacement and adaptation in a new country.  

These small groups have grown into a community of more than 1000 people. There is also now a Hope Foundation that regularly holds meetings, all kinds of classes, and other activities to help support and unite Ukrainians in Krakow. 

But most importantly, because of the Hope Groups program, Zhenia has had a unique opportunity to talk to people about God. At these challenging times, so many people have a true thirst for God and a desire to learn more about Him. As a result, she has started Bible studies and eventually more than 20 people began to attend. Most of them have experienced great changes in their lives.