Global Forum 2024

WWO vision:
Children thriving. Families Strong. Churches Engaged.

WWO mission:
Call and equip national leaders to solve their country’s orphaned and vulnerable children crisis.

460 participants

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World Without Orphans Third Global Forum Equips Global Leaders

World Without Orphans’ third global forum, “Together From Crisis to HOPE”  provided a dynamic platform for 460 influential leaders from 65 nations across six continents to gather, learn evidence-based strategies, and collaborate to better address children in crisis in their own countries. The Global Forum was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 29 February to 3 March, 2024 and featured over 60 sessions that were strategically designed to equip leaders to better address the growing number of children living in crisis today.

By working together in humility and with hope, we help children remain in, be reunited with, or regain a safe and loving family to reach their God-given purpose.

During the Global Forum, WWO Regional Ambassadors facilitated regional meetings for participants from their countries. Family care activists from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America, and North America worked together to discuss effective solutions to country-specific situations facing children in crisis. They walked away from their time together armed with action plans and collaborative partnerships (and friends) to work more effectively in their own communities.

One of the special aspects of the WWO Global Forum is the amazing sense of community. WWO is a collaborative network full of humble, hardworking, committed people who are working together to multiply the number of children and families that can not only survive but thrive.

WWO recognizes the toll and additional stress on those working or living in areas of conflict or crisis. “Together From Crisis to HOPE" provided a safe and peaceful space for leaders to experience the sense of the WWO “family” coming around them in friendship and prayer. There is strength in numbers, and seeing so many leaders from so many nations who have the same heart for children is life-changing.


"This was an amazing time for me personally to heal from unresolved trauma. My life has been forever changed."

"The WWO Global Forum has felt ( has given) a sense of encouragement, direction, and strength through various experiences and interactions. I felt a deepening connection to our purpose and a reaffirmation of my commitment to serving orphaned and vulnerable children."

"So grateful for our time with you all. We had many 'lightbulb' moments and really feel refreshed and excited to do the work that needs to be done!" – Philippines

"I am really blessed, when I came my spiritual battery was dry and I thank God, I was able to get recharged and equipped to run the race."

"The involvement of people with practical experience was excellent. The balance between teaching and testimony was great."

"Thank you for all your wonderful support and for the great meeting. I am blessed and surely going to be a blessing to the vulnerable and needy children in my state. I am really touched and encouraged to do ministry with human trafficking networks in my city." – India

"I felt the presence of the Lord all over this conference. So many tears of joy with gratitude for what I was able to take away with me. The way we are all knit together with a common vision. God is so good and merciful, and it was evident." – Germany

"Hearing and sharing with other leaders were good for learning about their struggles, finding solutions to address them, and applying what we learned together. God is showing me to be intentional about community and surrounding myself with people who can challenge and encourage me in the journey."

"I felt a deepening connection to our purpose and a reaffirmation of my commitment to serving orphaned and vulnerable children. I have experienced a sense of guidance and inspiration, recognizing the importance of work and the impact we can make on the lives of children around the world."

340 new participants


Videos, photos, and news

2024 Global Forum Opening

Global forum on orphan crisis kicks off in Thailand, points to hope not in strength or power but in work of God’s Spirit. While the numbers and trends appear bleak, there is hope because God is at work even in the darkest of places, Karmen Friesen said. We have hope because we have seen God provide in some of the most challenging situations.
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Addressing the root of the orphan crisis: the three-fold crisis of the soul

“We are facing three major crises today,” Alexandru Ilie said. But the crises he was referring to were not the outward contributors to orphanhood and vulnerability among children, such as war, drug abuse, climate change or pandemics – all very relevant and important to understand in the context of a global event that seeks to address them. Yet, the crises that Alexandru Ilie talked about were the ones deep in the human heart. The crises that are at the root of the human failure to care for the orphan and vulnerable in their midst.
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LIVING REFRESHED: Spiritual, Relational, Practical Self-Care

The fifth plenary session of the 2024 WWO global forum in Thailand, on 2 March, had the overall theme of “SPIRITUAL/RELATIONAL SELF-CARE”. Capable, humble, and effective leaders need ongoing encouragement in living refreshed, by building spiritual, relational, and practical care into their own lives.
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2024 Global Forum panel talks about necessary paradigm shift from orphanages to family-based care

On the third day of the World Without Orphans global forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a panel discussion highlighted a central issue the orphan care movement is wrestling with today: the need to move away from institutionalized care in orphanages and finding solutions that ensure children grow up in permanent families.
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How can the church respond to the needs of vulnerable children in every nation of the world?

An in-depth report of what was discussed and dreamt about at the 2024 World Without Orphans (WWO) forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand. “The church has the capacity to lead the effort in reducing vulnerability and ending orphanhood”.
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Humility and broadscale collaboration to help every child reach their God-given potential

Read the second part of an in-depth report about the 2024 World Without Orphans global forum held in Chiang Mai. The second plenary session of the 2024 World Without Orphans (WWO) global conference in Thailand, on 1 March, had the overall theme of “prevention” and featured 10 speakers.
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WWO 2024: Ambassadors, a roadmap and a call to strengthen the work with orphans

This is the last of three articles summarising the World Without Orphans 2024 Global Gathering in Thailand.
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