Pre-Forum – Certification Opportunity for Trainers/Facilitators

Prior to the start of the forum, WWO will offer three certification courses to choose from for those wanting to transfer a training program within their own network:

  1. Next Steps: Skills for Effective Intervention with Vulnerable Children

Serving vulnerable children requires endurance rooted in understanding God’s commitment to the child, your resilience as a caregiver and how a child develops. This workshop will equip you with:

  • Current scientific research on critical elements for developing resilient children
  • Integrated with biblical understanding of God’s intention for vulnerable children
  • Skills you can implement with your team
  • A renewed hope, passion and commitment to your role and calling
  • Materials to present the seminar to others
  1. Trauma Informed Care:  Working With the Psychologically Traumatized Child

Vulnerable, orphaned, abused, abandoned, exploited, neglected – all words that represent some children and youth who have experienced trauma. In this training of trainers, you will become aware of the impact of trauma on the development of a child and learn specific skills to help those who are working with traumatized youth.  You will leave with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding the impact of trauma on the life of a child
  • Knowing the different types of trauma and the impact on the brain
  • Working with a child who has experienced Psychological Trauma
  • Knowing the seven skills needed to work with a child who has experienced trauma
  • Understanding the importance of Self-Care

The course is a three-day course which is offered to others in 18 hours. 

  1. Risk to Resiliency:  Working with Families in Crisis

Helping children remain in their own homes requires prevention strategies, which includes understanding crisis in families, how to engage the family and then how to coach the family to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. This program is designed to the church work with families in crisis.  In this session, you will:

  • Explore the meaning and root causes of crisis and how to determine if the family is in crisis
  • Learn to engage a family who is in crisis and help them to begin developing a plan of safety for their family
  • Gain an understanding of how a child experience family crisis and the impact it has on their growth and development
  • Learn strategies on how to work with a family in crisis through planning and problem solving
  • Develop an understanding of helping the family to be safe and able to maintain the child in their own home

The course is a 10 lesson (3 hours each lesson) program.    

Each of these sessions will offer the participant a full trainer guide, power point deck and handout packet and any leader attending will be equipped to deliver the training.  Certification sessions will be held on Wednesday, 23 October and Thursday, 24 October and participants should arrive in Chiang Mai by Tuesday evening.

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