Nisreen Hawatmeh

Founder, Managing Director of SANADAK Orphan Ministry 

Nisreen is a psychological and counseling specialist in the field of family counseling and behavior modification as well as a certified trainer for Haggai Leadership Training and LAMb International.  

She serves on the leadership team of the Middle East Without Orphans organization. Nisreen is a board member for the Baptist Church in Jordan and international coordinator of Orphan Sunday Ministry in that country.  

Nisreen earned her bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Jordan. She has worked as a senior professional architect in the field of engineering design and supervision. She lives in Amman, Jordan and is married to Maher Abu Lail. They have two children.  

Nisreen’s vision is to enhance the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by providing psychological, academic, and spiritual support. She aims to nurture a generation of self-reliant youth who are capable of contributing to the betterment of society.