WWO Brazil Officially Launches and Momentum Gains for The Send

Posted on: 2020-01-21

Seven individuals who attended the Global Forum or other regional gatherings came together to officially launch World Without Orphans Brazil in December! Now work is underway to build a website, translate materials and resources (including the WWO Roadmap) and develop strategy for the coming year.  

It seems that exciting plans are already underway, as WWO Brazil will be partnering with 1Million Home to organize a meeting with Brazilian Christian leaders in early February.  This will be a strategic time to see how leaders in the nation can assess the current situation and challenges better collaborate to solve the nation's orphaned and vulnerable children crisis.  

Sara Vargas, one of the leaders of the WWO Brazil movement will have the opportunity to speak at a gathering of over 200,000 people at The Send Brazil on February 8th. One of the visions of The Send is to see the body of Christ activated to live like Jesus and a key focus of the gathering will be challenging attendees to consider ways they can impact the national needs of orphans and children at risk.  The Send Brazil will take place on February 8th in two stadiums in São Paulo and one in Brasilia. 

Moving forward, WWO Brazil plans to host regional meetings in 2020 across Brazil with the focus of connecting Christians who are already working on behalf of the orphan and vulnerable and equipping them to build a better network of support and collaboration.  

Sara recently shared, “We believe that the church is the answer to this situation involving orphans and vulnerable children, by building families and changing this scenario with transformative actions.” 

Please keep our Brazilian team in your prayers! 

In the short video below, WWO highlights the work of Pontes De Amor, the ministry that Sara and her husband Rodrigo began in Brazil which seeks for the best interest of children by placing them in safe and loving families.