A Centre to Inspire People in the Midst of the War in Ukraine 

Posted on: 2023-09-20

Six years ago, long before anyone thought about a war in Ukraine, Nina, from the Chmelnyzky Region, felt called by the Lord to start a centre to help vulnerable children. She left her old job and started to teach English, in order to be freer to do ministry. At the same time she started looking for a place to rent to open the centre. Nina found a building and for seven months she daily went to the building to pray that God would give it to her. A year later Nina got a call from God to open the centre. The work started with orphans and children from the Roma community, helping them with education, cooking meals with them, and introducing them to Jesus. When the war started in February 2022, everything changed. 

Here Nina shares, how her inspirational centre still inspires and encourages people. 
“When the war, which nobody expected, started last year in February, everything completely changed. The orphans were taken to Europe and most of the Roma community left for other countries. Already on the second day of the war, we received the first refugees from Kiyv, and after a few days refugees arrived from Eastern Ukraine. At that time, we did not have any beds in the house. Therefore, we transformed our classrooms into bedrooms. People had to sleep on the floor, but were grateful to have a roof over their heads, food and warmth. When the war continued, God started to provide furniture for our house. Our ministry changed and now seven refugee families are staying with us. We also opened our first Christian Kindergarten for 10 kids, some of them from refugee families. We started two small businesses, producing things to sell and earn money for women, whose husbands are in the war or were killed. One of the things refugee women produce is frozen food for sale. The women are not Christians but are very grateful to be here, to have fellowship, and to pray together.  

The English classes are continuing, but this time for children and adults. Twice a week we have a meeting for refugees and local poor people where about 100 attend to eat lunch together. All this is helping to meet the needs of the refugees. It is still inspiring, and God has just opened another door to reach a different group of people. Talking with several of the refugees, the Inspiration Centre is the first place where they have heard the gospel. There is a really big need in Eastern Ukraine for Christians, something I had seen and experienced when visiting Eastern Ukraine before the war. Many there have never heard what Jesus did for us and have never seen a Bible. Now they stay with us, and we can give them Bibles. It is a good time for the Christians in Ukraine to reach out to those who have not yet heard the gospel and to witness to them in the time of trouble.”