Europe Without Orphans

A Europe Without Orphans – From Vision to Reality

WWO Workshop held in Rhaemesmuehler, Switzerland 23-24th January 2019
Posted on 2019-04-25

This event, organized and hosted by the WWO European Facilitation Team, was aimed at people considering, or already setting up, a ‘without orphans’ movement in their own country or region. It was publicised as a workshop to help people consider what God is doing and leave with practical things they could do as next steps in their country.

The workshop ran from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 2. The facilitation team also met for the 24 hours prior to the workshop, both to complete the event preparation and to have time for our own team development and planning.

Countries represented by those specifically working on a movement in those countries were Croatia, Ireland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Others represented by people with a more international or global perspective were Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and USA.

The Outcome
The measurable impact of the time we had together can be expressed in 3 aspects:

  1. Participants from S.E. Europe left having agreed to work together across their region to establish a without orphans movement, collaborating across country boundaries.
  2. Ukraine was represented by people from several organisations – WWO, Heritage Ukraine and Orphans Promise. For the first time, they were able to talk together and agree better communication and co-operation between each other.
  3. People operating globally in WWO, and in the Europe regional team, shared insight and opportunities to communicate and serve each other better, particularly with the forthcoming Global Forum in sight. Emma Lynch of TEARFund Ireland took part in the global-regional group as one of their concerns is Irish Christians support for orphans overseas. She also took away feedback and ideas to put into practice in Ireland. There was also great fellowship and the enrichment of fellowship and growing relationship.

We are really looking forward with faith and anticipation to seeing God bring fruitfulness and practical expression to what were discussed.