Susan Hillis

Global Coordinator for Strategy and Senior Technical Advisor, WWO Executive Team 

Susan serves at Oxford University and Imperial College London as senior research officer and co-chair of the Global Reference Group on Children Affected by Crisis: Joint Estimates and Action, which is hosted by the World Health Organization and includes as its members Harvard, Oxford, Imperial College, University College London, the World Bank, USAID, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Maestral International, and World Without Orphans. She is also associate dean for continuing medical and dental education for physicians serving in mission hospitals globally. Furthermore, Susan serves as senior technical advisor for the World Without Orphans movement. She was previously a career officer and senior scientist at the CDC and has more than 150 scientific publications. Her experience as an adoptive mother of 11 children has shown her, along with her husband and faith community, that unfailing love is unfailing.