Paulo Borges Junior

Pastor, Co-Founder and Coordinator Council member of Sal da Terra (Salt of the Earth) Ministry

Paulo is a Christian, a Brazilian, a husband to Lana, and a father to their five children. He is a civil engineer who graduated from the Uberlandia Federal University, and also a theologian who graduated from the Campinas Presbyterian Seminary.  

Paulo is co-founder and member of the Coordinator Council of Sal da Terra Ministry, a movement of churches dedicated to unity, youth, leadership, and social transformation. He is also co-founder of Sal da Terra Mission, a social organization that works to transforms lives through social care, early education, and quality healthcare—all with the purpose of bringing justice and dignity to communities of greatest need while creating a culture of responsibility and redemption.  

Moreover, Paul is co-founder and president of the Coordinator Council of Total Education and Culture, a social organization that works in the business sector to develop strategies and tools for professionals, companies and organizations seeking to be agents of transformation.