Elizabeth Melendez Good

The Foundation United

Elizabeth Good has been a leader in the anti–sex trafficking movement since 2011. Her vision to end sexual exploitation led to the launch in 2018 of The Foundation United, which collaboratively fosters systemic change to eradicate sexual exploitation and addresses sexual abuse, the root cause of trafficking. Her experience in corporate America, as an area pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, and in creating Real Talk, a systemic tool to protect and arm churches against sexual exploitation, has positioned her to awaken and bring freedom to individuals from all walks of life.  

Elizabeth is the author of Groomed (Harper Collins, 2020) as well as Speak the Unspeakable: Real Talk on Sex, Secrets and Being Set Free. She is the recipient of the New York City Global Business Leader Award, SRQ Women of Influence Award, and Tampa Bay Businesswoman of the Year Award, and she has been honored as one of the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century in New York City. She has led two TedX and LiftX talks on leadership for over 17,000 military leaders, and she spoke at the 2022 Global Strategy Forum in Austria. Elizabeth was a featured speaker at 2023 Conference for the Vision of Leading Women at the Palace of the Parliament Human Rights Hall in Romania.