Botswana Without Orphans


Country Profile: Botswana
Total Population: 2 million
Number of Christians: More than 70%     
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Children in Botswana
Under 18 of Age: 16.7 % 
Estimated number of orphans: 44, 327 are orphans, and 36, 183 are registered vulnerable children. 
Credit United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report. 

Providing Alternative Care in Botswana 

National Movement - Botswana Without Orphans


1.    To mobilise people and resources, to support and provide care for orphans across the nation.
2.    To facilitate support and care for orphans by the civic community and general community.
3.    To amplify awareness of the plight of orphans in Botswana and to provide the way forward from a biblical standpoint.

Country Impact

Training and workshops facilitated by Lamb International, in collaboration with Aglow International and Botswana Without Orphans, have resourced trainers to raise awareness with church leaders, parents, caretakers, professionals and non-governmental organizations in relation to trauma in orphans and vulnerable children. Workshops have continued to be conducted in the University of Botswana as well as in Sebina, Mogobane, Sebina and Maun, since 2014.

April 2018: Botswana Without Orphans organized a day workshop at Victory Fellowship Church in Mogobane, led by Pastor Tony Modise on Understanding Trauma in Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  Botswana Without Orphans (BOWO) and Together Africa Without Orphans (TAWO) are Christian organizations that encourage churches, and other organizations to take care of the orphans and vulnerable children. 50 people of different denominations and professions gathered for the workshop. The participants engaged in group discussions and were involved even in making plans and committing to assist their organization, or the community at large in various strategies of taking care of the disadvantaged. 

January & February 2019: Botswana Without Orphans collaborated with Lamb International and held a three-day training on the Trauma Informed Series. The following topics were covered:

  • Day 1: The Impact of Trauma on the Life of a Child
  • Day 2: Building Trauma-Competent Caregivers: Understanding and Navigating the Emotional and Behavioral Needs of Traumatized Children
  • Day 3: Using the Skills of a Trauma-Competent Caregiver

Answer to Prayer

We were able to have Ruby and Lynn (Lamb International) again in January/February, 2019. Trauma Informed Training and Leadership Empowerment sessions were successful as the Johnstons facilitated. Since 2014 to date Pastors, leaders, parents, caretakers, professional each participated in workshops and it has been a success. 

Challenge for Prayer

Resource and finances for addressing the needs of the orphans in the community are sought, especially around Mmokolodi, Mogobane, Tloaneng villages; in Botswana at large finances are still a challenge.