Belarus Without Orphans


The Republic of Belarus is a small former Soviet nation in Europe with a population just under 10 million. In 2008, Belarus was a nation that got hit pretty severely in the global economic crisis. Because of this economic downturn there are approximately 25,000 orphans in Belarus.

At a Conference on Child Care System Reform in 2009, in which both Belarus and Ukraine participated, high level officials urged governments to accelerate reforms. These reforms were to phase out state-run children's institutions to community based services. The officials wanted to prevent the separation of children from their families.

There are also some volunteers, funds and Christian groups that care for orphans in orphanages. Others care for abandoned babies in Baby Houses and help them to be adopted, such as, BlagoTvori Organization, Taisia Karpovich. 

The Belarus Without Orphans Movement started in 2012. Visionaries met with Belarus Unions' leaders and key leaders and ministers and then planned a conference to launch Belarus Without Orphans. The Belarus Without Orphans team opened a Consulting Center where families and children can get assistance, consultations, psychological and law support. 

For any questions regarding Belarus Without Orphans please contact:

Varya Latyshevich 

Dmitriy Nachyna 

Svetlana Skomorokhova (program organizer) 

Source: UNICEF