World Without Orphans – Hope for Europe Report

Posted on 2018-12-20

The WWO Europe Facilitation Team took part in the Hope for Europe conference held by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) in Tallinn, Estonia, in October 2018.  Around 400 people participated in the conference, which had a combination of plenary sessions, networking seminars, and consultations for people with common interests to build connection, explore what God is doing in that aspect of ministry, and discover opportunities to collaborate.

Oleg Shelashskiy showcased the story of Ukraine Without Orphans on the main stage at an evening plenary. This powerful story, with its emphasis on all churches praying and acting together, fit perfectly alongside the message of other speakers of God working powerfully when His people are united. People spoke afterwards of how they were impacted by this.

Taking part in Hope for Europe was in pursuit of WWO’s goal to connect with Christian leaders across Europe, understand where God is raising up leaders with a call and a heart for orphans, in order to support and envision them and work together to fulfil the vision for a Europe without orphans.  The WWO Europe Facilitation Team made good contacts with the EA General Secretaries of different European countries and leaders of different organizations. All of these have follow-up actions either already planned or to set up.

It was also encouraging for the WWO Europe team to meet so many people with an interest in orphans, whether refugee unaccompanied minors, Roma children, or other connections. The team desires to foster an emphasis on working out partnership locally where more than one movement or ministry co-exist, with broader connections serving to identify opportunities.   Hope for Europe added momentum, built greater awareness and goodwill, and creates both opportunities and challenges to making the impact we wish to see. 

There remains lots still to do. Building relationships in-country, sowing vision and nurturing new movements. The experience at Hope for Europe also offers the stimulus to consider how to grow the perception in the church across Europe that caring for the widow and orphan is central to the Gospel, how we make prayer a central rhythm of our serving, and how we work with others to be His servants and ambassadors.

World Without Orphans – Hope for Europe Report

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Richard Procter on behalf of WWO European Facilitation Team 

Richard Procter serves as Leading Coordinator for the Europe Without Orphans Facilitation Team. He is the adoptive father of two daughters and was involved in shaping the Home for Good national initiative in UK from its inception. Working in the past in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and also speaking Russian, he has rich experience in cross cultural communication and leadership. An important part of his passion and work is to support people of different nations with a spirit of fatherhood. Switzerland, Estonia, Ukraine and Romania are also represented In the Europe Without Orphans Facilitation Team.