Vulnerable Children' Multi-movement Meeting 17-18th May 2017

Vulnerable Children' Multi-Movement Meeting

Posted on 2017-07-17

For 2 days in May, a group of leaders involved in global initiatives serving vulnerable children gathered at at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania. The purpose of the gathering was to explore collaboration around the broad issue of vulnerable children.

The meeting was facilitated by Brian O’Connell from REACT Services and Menchit Wong of Lausanne Children at Risk, together with Alan Charter from the Global Children’s Forum.  The initial part of the roundtable was focused on gaining a clearer understanding of the unique approaches and contributions that each of the Christian initiatives brings.

The simple fact that representatives of different networks met together, prayed together and asked questions together is very encouraging – we see a growing interest to learn from each other and humbly admit that we need to work together for the benefit of ministry to vulnerable children” said Lubo Hlavacka from the WWO Global Team. The program also included the prioritization of the challenges and opportunities participants see in practical work among vulnerable children and discussions about the hindrances that might prevent different initiatives from working together. The multi network meeting formulated areas and practical steps for working together.

The 2 day meeting provided a timely opportunity to connect key global leaders and gatekeepers who are focused on the topics surrounding children at risk.

It was a helpful step towards a better awareness and understanding of our respective call and responsibilities, along with possibilities for collaboration over the next 12-18 months. The value of digging into the distinctive and unique role that networks and movements can contribute was particularly valuable,” shared Alan Charter, one of the meeting facilitators who works with the Global Children’s Forum  

The hope is that the connections made will catalyze greater impact and effectiveness across all the work we do.