Refugee Highway Partnership Budapest 2017 Roundtable

Posted on 2017-03-07

160 leaders from 23 European countries gathered from February 6-10th in Budapest. The first day focused on the situation of refugee children and how to help unaccompanied minors, with themes focusing on how the local churches can help refugee children, why children are on the move, and why parents would send their children alone. The Refugee Highway Partnership offered the opportunity to network and collaborate in ministry aimed at the most vulnerable - children.

Kaylee Kodlitz - from the International Association for Refugees and Coralie Diebold from the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) were the key coordinators and speakers for the Network to Help Unaccompanied Minors. EEA represents a network of national evangelical alliances in European countries and is an important communication channel to motivate churches all across the Europe.

World Without Orphans shares with The Refugee Highway Partnership a vision for bringing God’s love to most vulnerable, and seeks to do so through a practical approach and through motivating the local church. Keynote speaker, Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World’s prayer book, gave an encouraging message which served as a reminder that WWO is moving in the right direction as the movement seeks to map out the situation of orphans and vulnerable children around the world and highlight what local churches are doing. 

By providing helpful information about the global situation of orphans and vulnerable children and inviting churches to partner in prayer, a prayer movement can begin that will ultimately lead churches and individuals to more practical involvement on behalf of the vulnerable.

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