From Ukraine to the Vatican

Posted on 2017-07-03

It was a very special day when Sergei Demidovich, an adoption advocate and motivational speaker from the World Without Orphans global team, met with Pope Francis in the Vatican. In 2016 Sergei Demidovich participated in the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans. After the event Sergei sensed that the Lord was leading him to become more involved in spreading the vision of the WWO movement. Sergei then saw how God began to open doors to meet with influential people. As a result of these meetings Sergei is being given the opportunity to share with Christians in different countries about the responsibility and ability of the Church to end orphanhood in our world.

In December of 2016, Sergei visited a World Without Orphans leadership meeting in London, where he met Eugene Yakushev. Later Eugene connected Sergei with Christians in Argentina and it was during his visit to Argentina that Sergei would meet pastor Alejandro Rodriguez, a pastor who would serve as a key person in organizing a unique meeting. Alejandro was touched by the vision of WWO and wanted to not only join the movement, but also share the vision with another person he knew. As they discussed the topic further, Sergei realized that Alejandro was going to attempt to arrange a private audience with Pope Francis, so that Sergei could share the vision with him personally! It seemed like the time in Argentina had been a divine appointment.

On May 30,2017, the greatly anticipated meeting took place. Sergei Demidovich together with Eugene Yakushev and Alejandro Rodriguez traveled to Rome to meet personally with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Sergey shared the dream for a world without orphans and asked the Pope to encourage the church and society in general to support adoption, foster care, and family strengthening. 

The Pope listened attentively and was deeply moved by the needs of orphans around the world. He added that there are even children living in families who are lonely as if orphaned. 

Pope Francis opened his heart to help the movement and to use his power and authority for speaking in support and protection of every orphan around the world. 

We thank God for this amazing opportunity for Sergei to carry the vision forward so that every child will grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and know their Heavenly Father.