WWO Global Forum Evaluation Summary

“A Challenging and Heart Touching Forum.”
Posted on 2016-08-06
WWO Global Forum Evaluation Summary

The response during and after the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans from participants was both positive and encouraging. The organizing team received evaluations back from 158 of the forum participants. Overall the feedback given was positive and it is clear the gathering made a great impact on those who attended. As one of participants shared,: “It was a challenging and heart touching forum. It encouraged and inspired me to do more for orphans. Thank you.”

All plenary sessions of the Global Forum were given high evaluations by participants, with a rating for all of the start sessions at 4.45 or higher, and a 4.66 rating for the worship experience at the forum. ( 5 was a the highest rating option and 1 was the lowest). As one participant commented: “The plenary sessions were inspiring, and helped me see the broader community of people who care about children in families.”

Out of the 49 choice sessions (workshops), 42 choice sessions was evaluated very highly, at 4 or higher and none were given less than a 3. The most evaluations came from those who attended the following sessions: :

Discipling the Heart of a Child.

Alongsiders International – Asia and Africa showcase.

Using the Best Evidence to Replace Violence for a Billion Children.

Strategizing A, Building God's Kingdom.

Rehabilitation: Using Diagnostics to Create the Care Plan for Children in Out of Home Care.

Regional meetings were highly appreciated by participants. Based on the evaluations and comments received,this will be a crucial element to include for future global events. The largest number of people evaluating regional meetings attended the South Asia regional meeting (30 individuals) and the South East Asia regional meeting (30 individuals).

Forum logistics, including  communication, registration, visa assistance, food, accommodation,and local transportation were highly valued by attendees with ratings averaging 4.76. Comments included: “Communication was clear and timely both pre and post conference. This was a focused conference with a good mix of participants in terms of age, gender, church affiliation, ministry focus etc.”

An important part of the WWO Global Forum attendees’ evaluation were questions relating to the key strategies of the movement.  We asked participants, how the Global Forum was instrumental in activating, connecting and equipping the participants in the sphere of orphanhood.

Responses from participants were highly positive with  activating receiving an average of a 4.44 rating, connecting an average of 4.4 and equipping receiving a 4.3 average.

Evaluation of all key global strategies were high and encouraging, and we received helpful recommendations and comments in regards to the Activate, Connect and Equip focus of the WWO Global Forum. These comments will be helpful not only in the process of preparing for the next Global Forum, but also in planning and preparation of regional and national events and in formulating strategies for next steps.One recommendation stated:“I'd encourage you to find more space for regional and thematic connections. We connected as a region on the last day, which was good. I'd have liked to have met all of those people sooner to be able to interact. Perhaps each day there could be spaces for meeting with people by theme or region.” Comments like this are helpful and will contribute to shaping future events.

In summary, the evaluations highlighted the positive experiences of the attendees of the 2016 WWO Global Forum in regards to both the organization of the event and the content.

Looking back on the Global Forum, we give thanks to God for allowing this amazing gathering to take place. We are thankful to our many volunteers and contributors and for the opportunity we were given to take on such a complex and unique event.

As we gathered with 450 brothers and sisters in Christ during the WWO Global Forum, people whose hearts break for the same reason as ours, we were again reminded of the widespread and desperate need to address the brokenness that leads to orphanhood, abuse and abandonment. We were also reminded that we have a God given responsibility and calling to address this global need. The Global Forum helped us to see that the WWO vision is strongly resonating with key leaders around the world, and that we need to strive together in unity to seek the Lord’s wisdom in regards to our work for orphans and vulnerable children.

Forum Videos

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