India Roundtable, Vision and Impact

Posted on 2019-01-23

What would it take for a child to be able to live in a family?
This was the question posed to the participants of the roundtable event that took place in India in early November 2018. The event was sponsored by First Fruit with the participation of Phil Aspegren from Casa Viva in Costa Rica. 

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Phil shared from his own experience how he and his wife had started to care for children and how they had searched for their first foster family in Costa Rica. With Phil’s story as an example, the round table participants, who are involved in caring for orphans and vulnerable children across India, I started to think what would need to be done in India, in order to find families for vulnerable children. With the story of a real child from one of the ministries involved, the participants grappled with the question in small groups and discussed solutions. One woman said, “I know now exactly how to continue to help one of our children.” Another woman shared she had plans to start a support group for adoptive families in her town.

One of the leaders present at the roundtable runs a small house for girls. After he became aware of WWO he realized more and more how important families are for children and started to think about different ways to help children and parents. He has now rethought how to help at-risk families. One example is how they are helping kids remain in families. Two sisters who lost their father and whose mother is very poor, are now given a free education and a meal at the school the ministry runs. At the same time, they still live at home with their mother and did not end up in an orphanage. 

It was beautiful to hear at the end how many people had been encouraged in their own work among orphans and that many went away with a better knowledge of best practices. 

Barbara Ruegger - WWO Global Facilitation Community

Trauma Training / Training to Implement Foster Care Programs Locally

In November 2018, a group of 15 key leaders, including social workers, pastors, NGO staff and key leaders with connections to government attended a 5-day trauma informed pre and post foster care training in Hyderabad India. Participating were delegates from Children’s Emergency Relief International, Catalysts for Social Action, BSP (India Without Orphans), Sarah’s Covenant Homes and others. Participants left with action plans to take the first step to start state foster care in accordance with the work they’re already doing. 

Vision Casting - Varanasi 

Many vision casting events have taken place and many more are scheduled to happen in partnership with local churches throughout all of India. One vision casting event that stands out happened in Varanasi, the Hindu capital of India. The room was full to overflowing and many were standing in the back.  200+ participants were present including 46 pastors from different Churches. In the meetings, Alex Sam shared about the World Without Orphans vision, Orphan Sunday, and specific steps for Christians to care for orphans. 

After that event a couple came forward and prayed and made plans to walk forward with the adoption process!

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