Hope in the midst of Crisis

Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Posted on 2020-07-15

Last summer, three newborn babies, were abandoned in a hospital in Bucharest, Romania. The future did not appear hopeful for these three infants. Stelian was born with Down syndrome, Gabriel had tracheostomy and gastrostomy (meaning he breathes and feeds through tubes), and Eric was born with hydrocephalus, West syndrome, and vision loss.

The medical personnel at the hospital did all they could to help them recover. Often without hope, many times alone, these children stubbornly fought to live.

When volunteers from Romania Without Orphans (ARFO) started visiting them, it was evident to everyone that in addition to medical care, these children were each in desperate need of a family. More than once, however, the medical personnel expressed their skepticism: “It would take a miracle for a family to take a child like this home.”

Imagine the doctors’ surprise when not just one miracle took place, but three. At a time when ordinary people in Romania are overwhelmed with the instinct to survive and to reduce their expenses because of COVID-19, three modest families with a heart to love God stepped forward and extended the hospitality of their homes and lives to these three little boys.

Stelian- the boy with Down syndrome went to a family in Bihor, Romania. This family has three biological children and a daughter through adoption, but decided there was still space in their home for one more. Gabriel- the boy that breathes through a tube and feeds through another will go to his future parents in Arges, Romania. And Eric- the boy with over 25 operations, with hydrocephalus and West syndrome, the boy that had his biological parents declare in front of the judge: “we will not stop our jobs or lives for a child” has also found a family. Eric’s new family has adopted five other children and all of them received Eric with warmth and love.

What a beautiful picture of the love that is being poured out in this time of pandemic. 

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