Ronda L. Weber, Ph.D.
Ronda L. Weber, Ph.D.     

Ronda Weber

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Trainer, Consultant, Specialist in Mental Health, Trauma, Attachment, Prevention and Treatment of Abuse

Ronda has 35 years of experience providing counseling, psychotherapy, evaluation and treatment to families and children, especially those who have been victims of abuse and trauma. At the international level, Ronda has provided training and consultation for professionals (mental health, medical, child protection, legal), organizations, families, churches, and communities, particularly in issues of attachment and trauma therapy, and treatment and interventions to address and prevent sexual abuse.

Ronda began her professional career with adoptive and foster families and has 35 years of experience assisting them with all types of difficulties. She has also provided training and consultation for adoption and foster care workers as well as children’s home directors and staff.

She is married with three children, the youngest adopted at age 9. She has six grandchildren. She is bilingual, speaking and training in Spanish, as well as English. She grew up as a missionary/pastor’s daughter in Central America.