Radha Nagesh
Radha Nagesh     

Radha Nagesh

Emotional Counsellor and Trauma Informed Care Trainer 

Radha Nagesh is a trained emotional counsellor and since 2006 she has volunteered with Viveka - Centre for Emotional Support based in Bangalore, India. For over 25 years Rahda has deeply engaged in child welfare by effecting positive change for children waiting in institutions and bringing a paradigm shift to child centric thinking. She empowers adoptive parents with skills to parent children who have been abused, neglected, or traumatized. Her training also focuses on family dynamics, older child preparation, and counselling interventions in adoption disruptions. 

Rahda is part of a team that trains stakeholders, key functional staff of child care institutions, and social workers nationwide in India. She is active with adoption families support groups and facilitates residential workshops with international speakers for adoptive families. She periodically holds moderated group discussions for prospective adoptive couple and single parents, and parents with teens.

She also actively supports higher education for children, especially girls, in remote villages by generating finances for college admissions. She provides counselling for the parents to break from old mindsets.

She is a life member volunteer at the Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCW) in Bangalore.  Radha initiated and has been successfully running a counselling centre at KSCCW, which is an outreach initiative serving the beneficiaries of the NGO and the underprivileged. Her advanced diploma is in counselling psychology from the College of Allied Educators in Singapore.  She completed Preservice Training of Foster Adoptive and Kinship Caregivers by LAMb International in Canada in 2018.

Rahda is married and mother of two children.