Help Nancy Rescue Children in Ukraine

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Help Nancy Rescue Children in Ukraine

Linda Lownsbery
Corrinne Huber
Natalie Groff

Dear Friends,

The war in Ukraine is close to my heart as are the children that are impacted by this senseless and selfish leader that in no way represents the lovely people of Russia. As average Americans, we may feel we have little power over decisions that any of the government systems are making but there is something we can do. If you desire to help the Ukrainian people that have formed networks to support those traveling to the border for safety and providing care, safe housing and shelter than please consider giving. I know the people in this organization personally and stay in communication  with them on a daily basis and hear the stories of what money can do. Our family has donated to the World Without Orphans relief fund and their staff members in country are using the funds and function as our hands and feet. I rarely promote an organization but this is an organization that I can firmly support. People and families continue to die everyday in senseless bombings in communities areas and children are being traumatized by war. Join me in the effort to help in ways that we are able to.

Nancy Mehesy

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