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Children of Uganda need your help

When the lockdowns began in Uganda, Mark* suddenly found himself without work and as a result, had no means of providing for his family. As the breadwinner of his home, Mark began to despair and spiraled into a mental breakdown. Our partner, Uganda Without Orphans, heard of Mark’s mental health situation and saw that the children were beginning to suffer as well. The team acted quickly to get Mark to a hospital where he was able to receive the medical help he needed. Within three weeks’ time he had made drastic improvements and was able to return home to his children and thankfully they were prevented from ever being taken to an orphanage! Today, Uganda Without Orphans and the local church are providing ongoing counseling for Mark and food provisions for his family now that the family has been reunited.

The covid-19 pandemic has only intensified the challenges facing orphans in Uganda and around the world. But TOGETHER, we can put lasting solutions in place. Your financial gift will equip global leaders to collaborate in solving their own country’s orphaned and vulnerable children crisis.

We know you have a heart for these children and the pandemic has only increased your concern for their well-being. You can start helping today. Your gift of $50 will cover a training session for one leader to become equipped in developing a national initiative, like the one in Uganda. $500 will cover an entire regional team.
 Will you sponsor 1, 3, 5 or more leaders? Your sponsorship will increase their impact and enable these leaders to reach more families and children in need, and will directly improve the lives of children by taking them from poverty and uncertainty to a life full of possibilities.