Towards New Reality

Towards New Reality

The European Facilitation Team of World Without Orphans hosted ‘Towards New Reality’, an online working conference designed to share new research and further equip leaders of ‘without orphan’ movements across Europe to build their national movements.

In the last 2 years, an exciting number of European countries have started the journey towards a national movement to prevent orphanhood by helping keep children in their families or placing them in a new family where this is needed. As we talk to these leaders, it is clear that practical, experience-led support and advice is greatly valued to help then provide leadership in their part of our movement to see God’s desire to place the lonely in families become a reality.

Over 3 morning workshops, on 18th to 20th November 2020, the team presented and gave opportunity to discuss lessons to learn from the results of 4 months’ research carried out with leaders of "without orphans" movements from around the world about what their experience shows to be the key things needed to build a sustainable national movement. 

  • What movement leaders learned through establishing national movements across the world. We have interviewed leaders worldwide to uncover what their experience of building successful Christian-led movements for a world without orphans has taught them. 
  • Data about orphans and vulnerable children in Europe. Our team is researching the facts, figures and patterns we see across Europe, to inform what is needed to see children in stable, secure, permanent families. 
  • Training and learning available in Europe from Christian trainers. A 2-month consultation with Christian trainers in trauma, leadership and other important subjects is producing a framework to evaluate the needs in a country and identify where training is available. A consortium of trainers presented this research and provided valuable research to support work in-country enabling leaders to build local capacity.

Each topic was accompanied by discussion opportunities that enabled leaders to apply this learning to their own context.

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