Europe Without Orphans “Children in Families” Online Event

Posted on 2020-04-23

Coronavirus didn’t stop 50 leaders from 21 nations gathering together for a 3-day event last month. How was this possible? Thanks to ZOOM conferencing technology, the Europe Without Orphans gathering went forward as planned, but with one slight change- it was all online. Not only was the online gathering meaningful and engaging, but it allowed for more people to attend!

Determined not to press pause with their vision to collaborate together to see children in safe and loving homes in Europe, the organizing team recognized that an online gathering would be timely to discuss solutions for vulnerable children and families in Europe during the COVID-19 crisis.

With a focus on Bible teaching and prayer, the conference featured a range of speakers and interviews with guests and gave time for those attending to break up into smaller online meeting rooms to discuss national and regional applications and pray. As a result of the gathering a smaller training and support community has developed that is meeting regularly to discuss practical ways of helping vulnerable families in light of COVID-19.

“Today I was so inspired and encouraged,” shared Samuel Rich who attended the Europe Without Orphans online gathering from his home in England. “Despite the unprecedented level of turmoil and disruption in our world, there is undeniable hope...thanks to the wonders of ZOOM I was able to join, discuss, pray and even share communion with attendees from Europe and across the globe... I’m excited about the creativity and compassion I’m seeing in the middle of all of this. As we get creative to face the challenges both around and within us, the effects can go beyond this initial crisis, shaping the future of our world for the better.” 

To connect with this movement across Europe, or to explore how this online experience could be developed in your region, email